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Episode 5: FastBoot, memory leaks, auth, and #Ember2019

Dave and Ilya discuss the recent deployment of FastBoot at Crash, hunting down memory leaks using ndb and the delete key, handling authentication with a FastBoot serve...

Episode 4: Product Hunt launch, speed vs. quality, integrations

Dave & Ilya cover the Crash launch on Product Hunt, trying to balance speed vs. quality in an early stage startup, integrating 3rd party services like Typeform, ro...

Episode 3: GraphQL, Component Co-location RFC

Dave and Ilya discuss the delights and trials of using GraphQL with Ember in production, then give their thoughts on the Ember Component Templates Co-location RFC.

Episode 1: Kickoff

Dave and Ilya kick off the Crash Log podcast with updates from EmberConf, explain how functional CSS frameworks like Tailwind might not be the best solution, talk abou...

Episode 2: How we work, and the safety of the herd

Ilya and Dave discuss the advantages and disadvantages of kanban over two weeks sprints for fast iteration, dealing with tech debt, and data fetching in realtime.